TRIXIE Flea and Tick Collar 3901

medicine for dogs active ingredient: diazinone against fleas and ticks effective for 5 months These items are medications registered in Germany. Importers need to check regulations before sales in other countries are effected. Sales in the UK are not possible due to a lack of registration.

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TRIXIE Flea and Dust Comb, Double Sided 14cm 2400

plastic for discovery of fleas and lice

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TRIXIE Flea and Dust Comb 2401

metal for discovery of fleas and lice

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TRIXIE Tick Tweezers 2381

Plastic For easy removal of ticks Various colours 9,5cm

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TRIXIE Tick Tweezers 2386

metal, with spring with plastic coat for easy removal of ticks various colours

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Samson : the Mighty Flea

Samson is the star of Fleabag's Circus - this strong-flea can lift a match, he can lift a pea, he can lift lovely flea Amelie. But it's not enough - Samson wants to be the biggest star anywhere, so he sets off into the big, wide world. Discover what happens to the world's smallest strongman in this hilarious, touching tale.

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Fleas! by David Roberts

Free Delivery Worldwide : Fleas! : Paperback : Little Tiger Press Group : 9781847150059 : 1847150055 : 04 Sep 2006 : Join Bertie as he takes a flea-ridden Whiffer to the vet, does a naughty dare at school and gets a ride in shiny red fire engine!

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Fleas! by Alan MacDonald

Free Delivery Worldwide : Fleas! : Paperback : Stone Arch Books : 9781434248220 : 1434248224 : 01 Feb 2013 : What kind of trouble will Bertie get into next? This time, his trio of adventures feature a flea-ridden the dog, a dangerous dare at school, and a shiny red fire engine.

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The Flea by Michael Part

Free Delivery Worldwide : The Flea : Paperback : Sole Books : 9781938591099 : 1938591097 : 01 Aug 2013 : The captivating story of soccer legend Lionel Messi, from his first touch at age five in the streets of Rosario, Argentina, to his first goal on the Camp Nou pitch in Barcelona, Spain. The Flea tells the amazing story of a boy who was born to play the beautiful game and destined to become the world's greatest soccer player.

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The Flea's Sneeze by Lynn Downey

Free Delivery Worldwide : The Flea's Sneeze : Paperback : Henry Holt & Company Inc : 9780805077568 : 0805077561 : 01 May 2005 : What happens when a flea gets a bad case of the sniffles? Utter pandemonium in the barnyard. This rollicking picture book follows a lovable flea and his exceptional sneeze through the mayhem. Full color.

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