Kenwood FP120 6 Cups Food Processor

From stir-fries to spicy salsa, make lip-smacking delicacies with the Kenwood Food Processor. Featuring a powerful 400-watt motor, you can mix heavy cake dough with this Kenwood FP120 food processor. Shred juliennes for Chinese cooking or slice thick roundels for salads, do it all with this 5.92-cup food processor, thanks to its stainless steel plates. Crush garlic or ground pepper with this Kenwood FP120 food processor as it features a pulse function which is ideal for quick processing. The Kenwood Food Processor is easy to clean as all its parts are dishwasher-safe. Make more quantities of juices and smoothies, as this 5.92-cup food processor features a maxi blend canopy, which increases the capacity by 30 percent. Featuring a safety interlock mechanism, the Kenwood Food Processor functions securely.

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Magimix 3200XL 12 Cups Food Processor

To view a comparison table of all Magimix Food Processor models please Click here. The Magimix 18334 3200XL Satin Food Processor is a stylish food processor that comes in a satin steel finish that will add a style to your kitchen. This powerful simple to use and very versatile food processor includes a BlenderMix attachment for an improved blending function by changing the direction from a centrifugal motion to a vortex. The blender mix produces an ultra fine blend that -allows you to create your own soups smoothies pancake batters and much more. The 3 different bowls allow you to choose the right size for bowl for the job in hand and the extra wide feed tube allows you to slice and shred the whole fruits vegetables cheese or more saving a lot of time.

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Kenwood FP691 6.34 Cups Food Processor

Create a delicious concoction in the kitchen with the Kenwood Multipro food processor. The food processor features variable speed settings with pulse control that runs a powerful 1000W motor. Robust and easy to use, this high quality food processor is highly versatile with Kenwood's patented dual drive space-saving design that houses a generous 3-litre bowl and a 1.5-litre calibrated blender. Combining quality with design, the Kenwood Multipro food processor is a great addition to your kitchen.

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Bosch MCM4100GB Food Processor

This compact Bosch MCM4100GB Food Processor is ideal for blending, chopping, whipping, slicing, and juicing. It has a powerful 800W motor and has a handy integrated accessory storage drawer.

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