Showtec LED Sunstrip Lamp GU10

Showtec LED Sunstrip Lamp GU10, The LED Sunstrip Lamp is a revolutionary solution for the popular Sunstrip. This retrofit lamp allows you to Upgrade your Sunstrip to become a full LED fixture and reducing its total power consumption to less than 90W. Just take out your old tungsten lamp and replace it by the LED Sunstrip lamp. You upgraded your Sunstrip within 5 minutes without the need of adjusting software or changing components., Due to the compact size of the LED Retrofit bulb it cannot be used on full on for continuous use !, Techn. Data: Output: 520 Lumen, Beam Angle: 36, Light source: 10 W Warm-on-Dim LED, Input Voltage: 180 - 264 V, Power consumption: 11 W, Dimming: 2-100 %, Power factor: > 0,9, Max power duty cycle: 60%, Outer diameter: 49,6 mm, Inner diameter: 46,6 mm, Depth including pins: 55 mm, Depth excluding pins: 48 mm, Socket: GU10 Lumire & Scne > Projecteurs & Effets LEDs > Ampoules / Lampes LEDs

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Hudson Reed Dimmable COB LED Lamp Warm White

Hudson Reed Dimmable COB LED Lamp The Dimmable COB LED Lamp has an approximate equivalent light output to that of a 50W halogen lamp. COB lamps are the latest technology and consist of a higher number of LED chips, which are packed together to form one lighting module. The lamps also have a longer lifespan and higher light output than a standard SMD LED lamp. Available in two light colour options, Cool White and Warm White so that you can choose the look you prefer. Supplied as a single lamp. Cool White Warm White Product Details Brand: Hudson Reed Height: 50mm Enhanced efficiency Higher light output than SMD LED chips Longer lifespan than standard LED's Uniform appearance 240V GU10 Wattage: 5W LED colours: Cool White (6000K) Warm White (2500K) 12 Month Guarantee

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Osram 44870fl Mirror Lamp 12V/50W 24

Osram 44870fl 12V/50W 24, Mirror Lamp. 50mm, 50 Watt 12V, Beam Angle: 24, Base: GU 5,3, avereage lifetime: 2500 h Lumire & Scne > Ampoules / Lampes > Ampoules Conventionnelles

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