Neotech Soft Harness Cross Strap Sax

Neotech Harnais Saxophone Souple, Harnais pour saxophone, Rembourrage large et souple, Mousqueton en matire plastique, Pour homme, femme et enfant, Couleur: Noir Instruments Vent > Accessoires pour Instruments Vent > Sangles & Harnais pour Bois

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Thomann Respiratory Trainer Inspiron

Thomann Respiratory Trainer Inspiron, manual, flow-oriented breathing trainer, adjustable flow rate, flow display adjustable in 6 stages, Inspiron is free from PVC and latex! Incl. Application Description, Body, tube and mouth piece in a transparent plastic bag with zip closure. The breath coach INSPIRON comes from the clinical area and serves to strengthen the respiratory muscles and to allow a healthy deep breathing. The air resistance can be adjusted in six steps. The visible floating ball motivated to increase by deep and long inhalation lung volume. For musicians, the Inspiron is interesting, because you can divert him: You can insert the mouthpiece of the brass instrument (trumpet esp.) On the tube of the INSPIRON and carry on this type breathing exercises. The INSPIRON can also be placed on the head. For reasons of hygiene the item may not be returned under your Money Back Guarantee. Please refer to our company policy, Paragraph 4 Section 5 in connection with German law section 312d BGB. Instruments Vent > Embouchures pour Cuivres > Accessoires d'Entranement pour Embouchures

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Confidence Home Pro Bike Trainer

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Blitz Dual Waist Resistance Trainer Pro

Requires two people. One provides the resistance by holding onto the handle whilst the other runs when securely fit into the waist harness. Allows you to maximise motions that are specific to your sport with resistance and assistance training. Great for short sprints, lateral shuffles and explosive forward and backwards movements. For speed, power and leg training. Supplied with a nylon bag.

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Confidence AB MASTER Pro Series AB Trainer

Confidence AB Master Latest Model - The Ultimate AB Trainer Confidence's Ab Master 200 degree range of motion targets your upper, lower, middle abs and obliques all at once with one smooth up and down motion. All you need is just couple of minutes a day, along with proper diet and regular exercise, to tone and flatten your stomach in days, not months. Confidence's Ab Master rolling wheel action creates a smooth consistent motion to help you get a full range of motion that targets your abs and obliques, firming them quickly and easily. Adjustable resistance level, perfectly suited to any fitness level. Provides proper neck and back support to keep you in perfect form. Folds away for easy storage. Thick padding allows you to exercise in comfort and provides excellent support. Ab Master offers you different ranges of motions for different levels of resistance. It is also perfect for every fitness level, it has levels for the beginner to the serious exercisers. Brand new

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Forgan Golf Grip and Swing Trainer

Warm up Swing & Grip Trainer Improve your game with this Trainer A good swing starts with a good grip. This tested product not only makes sure your hands are set in the perfect position but it's unique, proven weighting system helps groove your swing and improve your muscle memory, imperative for improving your game. Improves grip & swing path Strengthens muscles needed for a solid swing Great for warm-up before practice or a round Right hand Brand new

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