VETOQUINOL Caniviton forte plus 30 tablets

Dietary formula supporting functioning of cartilage. Ingredients:Glucosamine, chondroitin sulphate, Harpagophytum procumbens Ingredients per 1kg (2g):Glucosamine HCI 99% 500mg, chondroitin sulphate 400mg, Harpagophytum procumbens (extract) 150mg. Additions:Manganese sulphate 10mg, aromas Dosage:Tablets give directly or together with food. Body weight Dosage in first 4-6 weeks [tablets/day] Further dosage [tablets/day] 30kg 2 1 30 - 60kg 3 1,5 60kg 4 2 Note:Store in cold and dry place, protect from light.

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Philip Kingsley Treatments Tricho Complex Food Supplement x 90 Tablets

It is common to have hair and scalp problems caused by nutritional deficiencies. This vitamin and mineral supplement, suitable for vegetarians, contains a specific blend of vitamins and minerals including the essential amino acid L-Lysine, Pantothenic Acid, Methionine, Iron, Vitamins D3, C and B12. Also contains Zinc, Biotin and Selenium which contribute to the maintenance of normal, healthy hair. To use: Take two tablets together daily, ideally with breakfast, for four months. Then reduce your dose to one tablet per day in order to maintain optimum levels. Do not exceed recommended daily intake. Take with water after food.

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