Alta White claims to be a natural tooth whitening product that removes plaque by two effective methods, first cleaning and then polishing. Claims to whiten your teeth in 6 days with minimal side effects. In addition, its proven formula is recommended by many dentists because it has whitening results on the teeth.

Like many tooth whitening agents on the market, Alta White also gives you the perfect treatment for unsightly tooth stains. But what makes it special is its simple application formula, which gives professional results at home.

Let’s see what’s in the Alta White whitening kit:

24 cleanser pack with black pepper mint flavor
Alta White is a jar containing whitening powder
If you need to verify any official information, visit the Alta White official website.

How does Alta White work?
Works inside Alta White Kit for Teeth; It not only kills exterior surface stains, but also repairs stains internally. It is loaded with very active ingredients that remove plaque from the teeth and take care of infections in the teeth.

Alta White offers a full package of 6 days with 24 cleansers. Each cleanser is immersed in a dry substance and then applied to the surface of the teeth.

According to the Alta White review, when you polish the toothpaste, the plaque is removed due to the oxygen released to the teeth, which fights the stains and the teeth shine quickly. The aura cannot be said to be temporary or permanent! But yes, Alta White claims to be a permanent cure.


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