Boost Milk Enhancer is an improvement in nutrition that is used to increase the level of leakage from the breast.

Therefore, this element is collected through the maternal breast canal within 24 to 72 hours. Since BOOST milk is very important, the use of this substance does not affect the mother and baby.

It is made from milk thistle, shavings, artichoke, alfalfa and basil. Strengthening epithelial leakage increases the effect of hormones. Hence the product is very easy to design. In the case of this traditional leak, the baby usually adjusts the appropriate milk level.

Another important fact is that breast replacement and breastfeeding have been clinically tested. Studies show that the number of mothers interested in clinical production has increased by 25-60%. As with any element that applies to any individual, your results may vary based on a number of variables.

How does it work?
At present, colostrum should be increased to one ounce in milk, which is highly appreciated in food. At the beginning of the regeneration phase, one teaspoon of colostrum 1-3 tablespoons per meal. However, milk production depends on these lactocytes, the milk cells, which are based on a hormone called prolactin.

Prolactin flows from the blood into lactocytes and contributes to the formation of the milk mixture. At the beginning of production, the amount of sulfur produced and consumed by a young person is 1 to 3 teaspoons of tea. Boost Milk Grower never stops producing milk, so the developing baby prefers to eat.


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