A new homeopathic remedy for Hives, OxyHives has become a very popular remedy for treating inflammation, redness, itching and pain. According to a survey, 20% of all people are affected by Hives at some point in their lives. OxyHives is specially designed to help those people get rid of this condition. Numerous studies have been conducted on each ingredient of OxyHives, showing their effectiveness in treating the symptoms of Hives. Fortunately, many studies have found various anti-inflammatory and infectious properties as well as OxyHIves proven as a safe and effective treatment for Hives.

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According to the research study “Advances in Therapy” by Otto Knuesel, Micheal Weber and Andy Suter, “Arnica Montana helps reduce pain, reduce discomfort and inflammation.” Another ingredient Ichthyolum has a bacterial action on the skin, which helps to reduce pain and inflammation. Research conducted in Advanced Homeo-therapy 2004 proves its effectiveness.

Lachesis is widely used as a homeopathic remedy; helps to reduce sensitivity to the skin surface and helps with heat, inflammation and pain. A study entitled “Snak Venom as therapeutic agents: from toxin to drug development” published in the Indian Journal of Experimental Biology, 2002 revealed various beneficial effects of this substance.

Hepar is widely used to treat a few inflammatory symptoms such as itching, pain, redness, burning sensation and skin sensitivity. Studies conducted in Evidence-based Complementary and Alternative Medicine have confirmed Hepar’s anti-inflammatory properties.

It has been proven that each ingredient is supported by clinical research and has been proven to cure Hives. These positive results from the popular research magazine make OxyHives really effective and safe to use. In addition, thousands of customers have reported various positive Oxehives results after using this solution.


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