With one of the most complete and complete formulas on the market, Prostacet’s Prostate Formula has been loaded with over 800mg for the supply of natural ingredients that are known worldwide for their ability to support healthy prostate glands:

Saw Palmetto Extract – not only can this extract support a healthy flow of urine, but it can also support healthy libido and energy. Some studies have found that saw palmetto can have an anti-inflammatory effect on the prostate, while blocking certain hormones that can counteract the many symptoms of BPH.

Zinc Chelate – after a 2007 study by Oregon State University researchers, the team concluded that Zinc deficiency could lead to abnormalities in appetite and growth. This added Zinc can help overcome that deficiency and maintain your normal levels.

Beta Carotene – during a study of lung cancer, some of the scientists involved began to notice that patients who ate high-quality fruit and vegetables at Beta Carotene looked less likely to develop lung cancer. Since then, Beta Carotene has been praised for its ability to help support healthy cells not only in the prostate, but also throughout the body.

Nettle Leaf – the most neglected natural ingredient in the world of prostate health. The nettle leaf has been used for years to help relieve the symptoms of enlarged uterus. This can cause problems with urinary incontinence, irritability, inability to urinate, and frequent urination.

With nearly a dozen natural vitamins, antioxidants, minerals, and amino acids, in the Prostacet formula, it quickly becomes one of the most talked about health products in the glands.


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