This product contains natural ingredients that provide anti-inflammatory properties, thereby reducing inflammation. In addition, the formula used helps with soothing scaling and the skin becomes itchy due to the softened milk texture of the ingredients used during production.

This cream has anti-pruritic effects, which helps in healing wounds and burnt skin. In addition, this formula moisturizes the skin, while allowing the skin to breathe and create a barrier against any infection. The increase in moisture helps in enhancing the overall health of the skin and thereby restores radiant and healthy skin.

This formula helps reduce soreness and can be used to manage eczema symptoms. Applying this product cleanses the skin and gives a soft texture that relaxes itchy skin. In addition, this cream reduces the development of wrinkles and fine lines and thereby promotes youthful skin.

The use of this cream helps in cleansing the skin and thereby improving the skin tone and texture. In addition, this cream helps to restore moisture to the skin to prevent dryness and blemishes and thereby promotes skin health.


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