Wartrol is a product that contains salicylic acid and is used to remove warts. Since warts usually occur under the influence of a contagious virus, they should be treated immediately. Warts are less likely to develop due to genetic predisposition.

There are many ways to remove warts (laser, radio waves, or liquid nitrogen), but all of these methods are very expensive. The use of OTC arrangements is much cheaper and gives the same effect as any other method.

Wartrol has been shown to be very effective in removing warts from the skin. First, Wartrol will dry out the warts, after which the warts fall on the skin. Salicylic acid (the main ingredient in Wartrol) is a highly effective antiseptic which means it works against microorganisms (including bacteria). This means that Wartrol removes the major cause of warts.

Unlike other wart removal products, Wartrol does not cause damage to the skin and the skin heals very quickly after using Wartrol. It will not leave scars on your skin after the warts have fallen.

Applies to all types of warts, including:

Flat warts
Moses’ warriors
Cord-like warts
Private warts
Water warts
Warts can heal on their own without the use of any product but usually take up to six months. Wartrol will remove warts in less than a month, and this is scientifically proven.

The effectiveness of Wartrol was compared with cryotherapy in one study of 240 patients and there was no difference between the effectiveness of Wartrol and cryotherapy (which is more expensive).
What steps to take when using Wartrol
Because it contains only salicylic acid as an active ingredient, there is no risk of serious side effects. Salicylic acid has been approved for OTC use by the FDA due to its excellent safety profile.

You do not need to take any special measures when using Wartrol.

Only two side effects associated with Wartrol have been reported for redness of the skin and dry skin, but lasting only for a few days.

The use of Wartrol during pregnancy
Wartrol is safe to use in pregnancy because it is used high and contains a small amount of salicylic acid, which absorbs skin into the blood at very low levels.

If so, you can consult your doctor about the use of Wartrol during pregnancy.

How to Install Wartrol
Before you can start applying Wartrol, you need to wash and dry the wart and surrounding area
Open the bottle of Wartrol, fill the dropper and drip 1-3 drops per wart.
Allow the wart to dry for the next two minutes.
Do not wash the wart after the application of Wartrol.
Apply Wartrol 2-3 times a day (mandatory before bedtime)
With this application method, you can expect the warts to disappear after 7 to 14 days.

Therefore, one month’s stock of this product will be enough to remove the warts. If you have already removed the warts, but have returned or want to reduce the risk of recurrent warts, you will need to use Wartrol for three months.


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